Professional Conduct

  • Draslovka Services protects their clients by being insured against product failure.
  • Draslovka Services protects their clients by being insured against defective workmanship.
  • Draslovka Services is the only soil fumigation company registered as a SAPCA ( South African Pest Control Association ) member.

Safety is a priority

  • Our experienced operators are registered to transport and handle dangerous goods and are annually refreshed and evaluated as per government regulations.
  • Our vehicles are all registered to transport dangerous goods and annually checked for road-worthiness as per government regulations.
  • Draslovka Services’ decanting plant is approved and accredited under DOW’s European standards.
  • No decanting of chemicals will be done on the farm which will reduce the risk of injury to farm employees as well as the risk of spillage and contamination of soil and/or orchards.
  • Transportation of the fumigant products, as well as the application thereof, is done in sealed steel cylinders in order to prevent accidental leakage and damage to Draslovka Services’ and the farm’s employees, orchards or the environment.

20 Years of trialed, tested and proven application method

  • Application and injection is done by means of a 3-shank • ripper implement.
  • Injection is done only at the center shank in order to create a high gas gradient for more effective gas displacement as per Adolf Fick’s 1st law of diffusion.
  • Injection depth at 450mm below surface.
  • The side shanks loosen any soil compaction created by the tractor’s tyres.
  • The 3 ripper shanks combined have a soil aeration effect while in the process of application.
  • Improved soil aeration = improved gas displacement = improved soil penetration
  • Ripper-shank application + aeration effect = more efficient than other methods of application (including via irrigation).