Draslovka Services is a DAFF accredited and licensed soil fumigation company. We specialize in soil fumigation for fruit-, vegetable- and berry farms, nurseries, golf courses, sports fields and more.

We are the 1st soil fumigation company that became a SAPCA member (South African Pets Control Association).

Draslovka Services is based in Stellenbosch (in the Western Cape) and operates in all provinces of South Africa with the capability to work in neighbor countries as well. Draslovka Services has a 21-year track record with 82 years of accumulative experience in the fumigation industry and through innovation and experience has perfected the application of fumigation to have become South Africa’s leading soil fumigation specialist.


To have a company that is capable of operating under any circumstance by being able to adapt to changes in the business-and application environment while continuing to perform quality, safe and proper soil fumigation under the auspices of personal- and business integrity with mutual respect and dignity as supporting pillars.


To fulfill our vision to the best of our capability while maintaining a safe and friendly work environment and remembering that great results and success is a team effort with every team member being an important part thereof.


  • Draslovka Services is the only soil fumigation company registered as a SAPCA (South African Pest Control Association) member
  • Draslovka Services is insured against product failure as well as defective workmanship
  • Every fumigation application is done by one of our registered, qualified and experienced PCO’s. All PCO’s are in direct telephonic contact with management and report continuously.
  • Although we are confident in our pre-calibration and settings, we check our calibration three times per day.
  • No decanting will be done on the farm which will reduce the risk of injury as well as the risk of spillage and contamination of soil and/or orchards.
  • Transportation and application of products are done in sealed stainless steel cylinders to prevent accidental leakage and damage to employees, orchards or the environment.

We have been registered as Pest Control Officers since we started in 1997.

We have 7 fumigation teams in who are at readiness to fumigate on request. We have 9 registered, qualified and experienced PCO’s in the company with Gielie Basson being part ever since the start in 1997.

All our employees are annually refreshed with our Operational Procedures and trained and re-evaluated in a self-developed Draslovka Services Employee Safety Course, to safely handle and work with dangerous goods. Our experienced operators (who also are the PCO’s) are registered and annually refreshed and evaluated as per government regulations, to transport and handle dangerous goods. Our vehicles are all registered and annually roadworthy checked as per government regulations, to transport dangerous goods.